Plead The Fifth

Ya’ll, let me tell you. There’s a new kid in town.

Growing up in Anaheim, I get pretty excited when I hear of a new place to checkout. Honestly, we keep it simple when it comes to my city. My neighborhood is about 20 minutes away from the hills so – the only thing in a 5 mile radius with bragging rights is Disneyland.

Okay, and now The Packing District. But, we’ll get to that another time.

Indeed, Disneyland is “The Happiest Place on Earth” – but the new rooftop experience at The Fifth will make the 21+ crowd (parents!) very happy. Located just across the street on Harbor Blvd. and Disney Way is a new and improved hotel, The Grand Legacy at the Park. My boyfriend asked, “What park are they talking about?” I responded, “Disneyland Park!” Duh.

Smooth, The Fifth. Real Smooth.

With beautiful views, spacious lounge areas and artisan cocktails, it really can’t be beat when it comes to the DL resort area. The Fifth also offers craft beer and shareable dishes that are incredibly tasty. My co-workers and I were lucky enough to try their Korean BBQ tacos, Stuffed Endive leaves, an assortment of dips with chips and short ribs with mashed potatoes. No complaints!

I previewedTheFifth some cocktails as well. My regular Gin & Tonic, just in case. The Strawberry Gin Bee (strawberry, gin, & sparkling wine) and the Sangria which was very refreshing and not too sweet.

Your experience at The Fifth isn’t complete without watching the Disneyland Fireworks. Promptly at 9:30pm, the fireworks start to go off and are accompanied by the current soundtrack that you would hear if you were standing in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. By far one of the best views you can get outside the park itself.

They’re still in their first month of opening and still updating their website, but you can check it out here.

If you’ve gotten this far and you’re wondering if you can bring the kids, the answer is yes. The Fifth has cornhole and other games to keep them occupied. Ending thoughts. If you want to feel bougie any day of the week at a reasonable price, visit The Fifth.





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