The Hype – Raising Cane’s

Alright everyone, I’m going to start a new segment here on OC Grub. I promised in my first post that I’d let you know if a place was up to the hype or not (in my opinion, obviously). So, let’s start with the ever so popular Raising Cane’s!


What do you know about Raising Cane’s? Without googling, I know it originated in Louisiana and that their fresh and never frozen fried chicken made it across the US slowly over time. And now, we have a couple locations in OC that have really sent foodies into a frenzy. For weeks all I saw on Instagram were photos of chicken strips and “crack” sauce.

Now, this place was all the rage probably more than a couple months ago. I was on a healthier…diet…at the time but I found myself at Raising Cane’s recently as a treat and decided I still wanted to share my thoughts.

The chicken: IS GOOD. They’re not lying. It’s freshly fried and not frozen. Not greasy, just golden, crispy deliciousness. The amount of seasoning is perfect, and the breading to meat ratio is on point. The best part is that when you take a bite, you see actual chicken, not mystery McNuggets. I will not be comparing Raising Cane’s to Chick-fil-A because you can’t. They’re different entities.

The sauce: IS OK. I’m unapologetically a sauce boss, I love sauces!  Everyone was about to faint over this sauce and to me, it’s not THAT good. It’s tasty, I used two of them LOL, but I expected it to be better. It kind of tastes like ketchup and mayo mixed together with tons of black pepper. Let me know what you think if you give it a try! IMG_1033

The sides: ARE GOOD. The crinkle cut fries were crispy and they’re a good size. The Texas toast was a real treat. It was oddly sweet, but also garlicky which in the end won me over. The coleslaw, I honestly had one bite and didn’t attempt to eat it after that.

The verdict: Raising Cane’s does NOT live up to the hype it received. But it does deserve recognition.

Honestly, I’m going to eat here again so I can’t say that it’s bad when it’s not. However, the hype they received was WAY over the top. This is still fast food, there’s a drive thru! With that said, knowing that I can get quality chicken strips without getting out of my car is dangerous!



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