Stadtgarten Fullerton

Downtown Fullerton’s newest addition, Stadtgarten, serves up “artisanal wurst & bier” – so naturally, I wanted to try it.

Located at what I call “the end” of Downtown Fullerton, where the Fox Theatre building is, there’s a new little corner area which is the home of Dripp (coffee, ice cream, etc.) & now, more recently, Stadtgarten.

It seems to be the first location in Southern California, so it’s pretty cool that Fullerton was the lucky winner of the home store. A short distance from Cal State Fullerton, and an eIMG_1165ven shorter drive from Fullerton College, this place is sure to get a lot of business.

The decor is very modern, mostly wood, and is epic in it’s Instagram worthiness. There is an outside seating area with picnic benches, lights and a fountain. You can also choose to eat inside on long communal tables. Very LA, it reminds me a lot of Wurstkuche.

I tried a bite of the Bratwurst (pork) and had a Polish (pork, beef) sausage to myself. A friend tried the Rabbit (w/veal), and boyfriend tried the Hungarian Kolbasa (pork). The sausage of your choice comes with two toppings, so I went for grilled onions and hot peppers. I wasn’t expecting two large red peppers laying across with the stems still intact, but I can’t say it wasn’t bad because I enjoyed it.


It seems as though everyone enjoyed their sausages. They were fresh, juicy and had a nice snap to them. The bun was warm, soft and delightfully crusty. As for condiments, there are large squeeze bottles of mustard and ketchup on the tables. The spicy brown mustard was by far the best out of the bunch.

I wouldn’t call myself a beer person, based on my knowledge of which beers are good. However, I really liked the two I drank and it’s cool that each beer has it’s own unique branded glass to go with it.

The disappointment of the night was the giant German Pretzel. It was obviously stale, very tough and not even warm. To add, the special sauce we got to choose to go with it – avocado ranch – was still defrosting. There was literally ice in it. Never again!


So, to end, would I go back? Probably, but mostly for the beer and to try the Frites which I now regret not ordering. The food overall was okay, service was eh, but I personally don’t find myself craving sausage over burgers anyway.

I would love to come back with a group of friends to have some brews while enjoying the outdoor garden. If you decide to spend some time here, let me know what you think – but maybe I’ll give Stadtgarten some time to work out the kinks before I return.


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