Cause, You Never Know.

Ready for Happy Hour?

Offering more than just drinks, YNK (You Never Know, get it?) in Irvine is a haven filled with beautiful decor, plush carpets and dim lighting to set the mood. Located inside the Irvine Marriott, it definitely falls under the “hidden gem” category. With different international inspirations for their specialty cocktail menu each month, there’s plenty of reasons to keep going back for more.

Side track for a second – if you haven’t been to the Irvine Marriott – it’s worth a visit. Even being currently under construction, the grounds of this hotel are impressive. From hidden nooks with pod-like chairs that you can hook your iPhone up to, as well as modern decor, a looker of an outside bar and a mini Starbucks, what more could you want?!

Here’s a breakdown of what I got to snack on, and why I LIKE IT, LOVE IT AND WANT SOME MORE OF IT.

My delicious adult beverage, a Paloma, with fresh grapefruit & tequila.img_1776Served in a tall glass with a copper straw. So insta-worthy ;] Very refreshing!

Left to Right: Extremely flavorful Salmon Poke with Lotus Chip, Deviled Eggs, and Chorizo & Mushroom Queso Fundido served with warm tortillas – all highlights of the night!


Had to get in that #CheesePull tho!

I would come back again for a fun night out with girlfriends, or date night. I’m not sure if YNK hosts small events, but it would be ideal for a small bridal shower or bachelorette, for sure. So, thoughts? Are you going to stop by? Their new “ASIA” cocktail menu is available through December (Thai Tea w/ Bourbon O_O). Make sure you tag &visit them on Instagram @YNKIrvine

Thanks for stopping by!


Oozefest 2016

OOOUUU. That Oozefest tho.

Alright, enough of that. Last year, I remember watching all the foodies have a blast at the now annual Oozefest put on by FoodBeast. Featuring restaurants that are already well known in the area of deliciousness, each one comes up with their own cheese filled/infused/topped/smothered creation for this event held in DTSA.

This year, it was my turn to live the dream. I arrived to the 4th Street Market area around 6pm and it was PACKED.


The first thing I tried was Urbana‘s Choriqueso Dobladito Taco. It was a bite of heaven. I wont lie, the boyfriend and I went back and ended the night on this one. (Thank you Javier & Andrea of Urbana, it was great to see you again!) img_1938

Puesto‘s Pork Belly Goat Cheese Chorizo on Blue Corn Tortilla. (Pictured Left) There was literally grilled/burnt cheese wrapped around the pork belly, and made into a taco, topped with micro greens and a vinaigrette (but…perhaps just a citrus) type sauce. Phenomenal.

Queso Caliento Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Ghost Pepper Cheese from Elbows MNCThis mac was cheesy, spicy, topped with guacamole AND had a beef taquito sticking out of it. What more do you want in a bite? (pictured below).


Honestly, after those I said, “I need to slow down.” But, the show must go on.

I had a slice of pizza with spaghetti on top (pictured below) and then I saw it. NACHO NATION. Serving up LA Pizza Nachos (also pictured below). Marinara, Pepperoni, Mozzarella, Jalapenos, Nacho Cheese, Ranch and Hot Cheetos. A thing of beauty and carbs, it was one of the longest lines there. So unique in taste, but once you start telling yourself “this doesn’t work” it starts to work in all the right ways. Heart eyes emoji for this one.


If you’re wondering how I kept eating after this, I couldn’t tell you. I really impress myself sometimes. I continued with a Lobster Eggroll from Slapfish, and a Mozzarella stuffed and fried meatball from Sgt. Pepperoni’s Pizza, one of my favorite places in Newport Beach!

Writing this, I think I’m hungry all over again. If you have a chance to visit Oozefest next year, it’s a cheesy experience! No pun intended. If you did go –  What did you think? As for what I learned from Oozefest – Cheese makes me SO thirsty. Thank Goodness for Hubert’s Lemonade.