The Hype: Cafe 86

Ya’ll thought I forgot about The Hype segment, didn’t you?

Fear not. Today, I’m going to review Cafe 86 located in Artesia, CA. (There is a 2nd location in Pasadena.)

This place has been haunting me on Instagram for quite some time now. As a Filipina, there was no way I could resist wanting to try their ube cupcakes with flan on top. LIKE, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

**Now, UBE is a word I’ll be using a lot. For those of you who are confused, it’s basically TARO. You know, the purple stuff.


The Drinks: I went for the Ube Monster. Did I like it? Well considering I’ve been back twice in the past month, yes. It’s an ube milkshake, blended with chocolate cookie crumble. You can add boba, which I highly recommend. It’s then topped with whipped cream and more cookie crumble. It is extremely close in taste to a cookies and cream milkshake and it’s honestly to die for.

The Treats: I applaud Cafe 86 for having one the most moist cupcakes I’ve ever had. They have a great ube flavor and aren’t overly sweet. The slice of leche flan on top really makes it, but these things are pricey. I can understand why, they probably take a while to make and they only have them available on certain days.

Other dessert options I need to try include the Ube Tres Leches and the Ube Bread Pudding.

The Vibe: This is a cute place to hang out with friends or have dessert while on a date. Their decor features wood paneling, huge comfy couches and workers with smiles.

The Verdict: This place lives up to the hype. As mentioned, I’ve been back a few times already and I don’t see myself stopping soon.

If you try this place out or have already given it a shot, let me know what you thought!


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