Ooh, Shiny!

Welcome to my new domain, grubgoddess.blog! 🙂

Personal Update:  

Chya’ll…what has everyone been up to? I’ve been extremely busy working (eating) on new content. However, I haven’t been able to blog during the day, since I’m an 8 to Fiver. I also picked up a serious gym routine, so I can continue to generate drool-worthy content with having to buy bigger clothes *thumbs up* 

I’m currently working on OC Weekly’s Eat+Drink issue for the spring season. And will start the summer food issue around August 2017 (hopefully it won’t roll around too fast). There’s about to be a HUGE haul of restaurant reviews a pretty photos from my adventures – so please stay tuned! 

I’ve recently become an influencer on Zipkick – available in the app store! If you need recommendations on where to go in Orange County and wherever you are, download now! All reviews are posted by a curated list of influencers. We’re all proud foodies and strive to lead you to the best places in town. 

I think that’s it for now, but I wanted to thank you for the continued support. For more frequent updates, please add me on Instagram @grub.goddess ❤ 




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