I had the opportunity to attend Foodbeast’s newest creation, NOODS NOODS NOODS. Sponsored by every college student’s favorite meal, Cup Noodles, there was a noodle theme to the festival. With little room to fail, I knew this was sure to be epic. I put on a flow-y dress to hide my soon-to-be-full stomach and headed out.

Rolled up like a boss, cause #workperks.


ANYWAY. Like any other Foodbeast fest, VIP is the way to go. GA has a lot of killer options, but you have to pay for them. VIP has food and beer included, usually from a great lineup of restaurants! Tickets for this event started at $50 and increased to $60 (I think.)

My first stop however, was actually a paid item. I have yet to make it out to Smorgasburg LA and one of the most talked about vendors their, Shrimp Daddy, made an appearance. I had to try their garlic butter shrimp with rice and mac salad, inside a PINEAPPLE. Hawaii in a bowl…made of fruit.


I entered the VIP area after devouring this with my boyfriend. You tell yourself you’re going to take it slow but the food just happens so fast. From spaghetti pizza to pho burritos, we tried a lot. Here were some of my favorites and my biggest disappointment.

I thought the best was the Nashville Hot Chicken Bao by Puzzle La Mirada.
They had a HUGE line, but they were also making like 4 at a time. BUT, that made this one of the freshest items there. Spicy, juicy, crispy – it was everything.

Another good one was from Neptune’s Seafood & Raw Bar in Artesia. Squid ink pasta with creamy uni & lump crab meat. I’m still getting used to the squid ink phase and uni in general, but this dish really swayed me! The crab was delicious and the noodles were perfectly cooked.

Not going to lie, I had about 3 bites of Bruxie’s insanity on a waffle. It was sooo good, but I just couldn’t bring myself to eat the whole damn thing. I present to you, the Fried Chicken Seoulmate Sandwich. Topped with cheesy, pork belly ramen.


My least favorite was the K-Town Mac n Cheese from Elbows. I was excited to try this dish the most, but it was cold and not very tasty. Mine had about 3 noodles and the rest was kim chi. The Korean BBQ on it was tough, and it wasn’t ooey-gooey as advertised 😦

I’d say “That’s all” but I was full for the next two days 🙂

Were you at Noods Noods Noods? What was your favorite? Until next time…



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