Bear Flag Fish Co.

It’s been a long time comin’, but I’ve finally tried Bear Flag Fish Co.! After hearing loads of positive feedback, it’s been on my list forever! I recently moved to Irvine, so all of these restaurants on the “south” side of OC are a lot more accessible to me now. After a long hike at … More Bear Flag Fish Co.

Ooh, Shiny!

Welcome to my new domain,! 🙂 Personal Update:   Chya’ll…what has everyone been up to? I’ve been extremely busy working (eating) on new content. However, I haven’t been able to blog during the day, since I’m an 8 to Fiver. I also picked up a serious gym routine, so I can continue to generate drool-worthy … More Ooh, Shiny!

The Big Cheese

Literally. Thanks to Del Taco! If you haven’t heard, Del Taco has spruced up their tacos that everyone knows and secretly loves. Now called, The Del Taco, these new tacos are meatier and cheesier! They were nice enough to bring some of their new tacos to the OC Weekly offices during lunch time last week. … More The Big Cheese


Hi Friends! Welcome to my blog. Let’s just say it’s been a long time comin’. As a self-proclaimed foodie based in OC, I figured it was time to get my thoughts out there. I’m here to give you the 411 on trending spots, concepts and if I think the hype is real or not. You … More Welcome!