Bear Flag Fish Co.

It’s been a long time comin’, but I’ve finally tried Bear Flag Fish Co.! After hearing loads of positive feedback, it’s been on my list forever! I recently moved to Irvine, so all of these restaurants on the “south” side of OC are a lot more accessible to me now.

After a long hike at Crystal Cove, I stopped by Bear Flag. Poke on the brain, I knew I was going to order some. When I saw that a pound was going to set me back about $20, I settled for the 1/2 pound at around $9 and a couple fish tacos also around the same price.

The Poke was good, reminded me of Hawaiian poke you can get at the grocery stores there. I’d get it again as it wasn’t fishy and was a light but still filling “meal”.


My Mahi Mahi fish tacos were really good. Probably one of the better fish tacos of my life. The fish was tasty and definitely fresh. Topped with pico de gallo, slaw and their special sauce, it was nothing short of everything you could want.


My friend ordered a Mahi Mahi burrito that looked amazing. It was a HUGE serving, so I would say it’s money well spent. Includes rice, beans, fish, sauce and some fixins just like the tacos. YUM.


So, would I come back? Yes. But only on a weekend that followed a payday!


Ooh, Shiny!

Welcome to my new domain,! 🙂

Personal Update:  

Chya’ll…what has everyone been up to? I’ve been extremely busy working (eating) on new content. However, I haven’t been able to blog during the day, since I’m an 8 to Fiver. I also picked up a serious gym routine, so I can continue to generate drool-worthy content with having to buy bigger clothes *thumbs up* 

I’m currently working on OC Weekly’s Eat+Drink issue for the spring season. And will start the summer food issue around August 2017 (hopefully it won’t roll around too fast). There’s about to be a HUGE haul of restaurant reviews a pretty photos from my adventures – so please stay tuned! 

I’ve recently become an influencer on Zipkick – available in the app store! If you need recommendations on where to go in Orange County and wherever you are, download now! All reviews are posted by a curated list of influencers. We’re all proud foodies and strive to lead you to the best places in town. 

I think that’s it for now, but I wanted to thank you for the continued support. For more frequent updates, please add me on Instagram @grub.goddess ❤ 



OC Night Market 2016 Favorites

After several attempts, I finally made it over to the OC Night Market. Here are my favorites from this year and YES – you should go next year. ABSOLUTELY.

The Lowdown: 

Price: Reasonable ($5ish per place, per item). Admission is $5, Parking is $8 at the OC Fairgrounds.

Crowds/Lines: I went on a Friday night. Not too crowded, perfect amount of people.

Food/Drinks: Asian-inspired, novelty type creations. But, yummy. Only alcohol available was Kirin.

Shopping: Eh.


First stop was Hotato Potato. I walked into the venue and immediately streamlined towards these spiralized potatoes on a stick. Cajun flavored, they were freshly fried and heavily coated with seasoning. Borderline “too salty”, I still devoured the entire stick. Worth it! Also, it pairs perfectly with beer. A great “appetizer” for the night of eating ahead.

Next stop was Squidies! I’ve been eyeing the iconic light bulb drinks on Instagram! They’re just too cute to pass up, and I was curious to try the smoothie itself. At about $7, you get the lighbulb glass, a light-up keychain and the drink of course (I got Mango!). I’d call it a deal. The line was long and they were really pumpin’ ’em out like crazy but I have to give them props for still having icy, cold, real fruit smoothies. At $3 for a refill, I wish I had a chance to go back and try the Lychee flavor. img_1342

Gotta show some love for the filipino booths at the night market. Boy in the Kitchen was serving up Kuya Bombs – Your choice of meat (Chicken Adobo, Kare Kare or Pork Asado) inside a ball of steamed rice then wrapped with a lumpia wrapper and deep fried. GET IN MY MOUTH.


I wanted to try an item from one of the longest lines there, besides the giant fried squid. I went for some steam buns and WOW, they were as big as my face, authentic, warm and delicious. To end, we hit up Rolling Ice for the Thai rolled ice cream. They start out with milk and the ingredients for the ice cream, and once it’s well mixed, it’s poured onto a cold plate and spread around until frozen. Once it’s solid, they scrape the ice cream in strips with a spatula so that it creates little rolls. Not sure if it’s the look or the actual method, but this ice cream is LEGIT. So tasty, with bits of whatever you got in it. MUST TRY! Here’s a photo of my cookie butter bowl! img_1338There’s always next year, but I’m honestly concerned on how I can wait that long. Did you get to experience the night market? Let me know what you thought and what you tried!

The Burnt Crumbs Experience

You know that show, Best Thing I Ever Ate, on the Food Network?

I’m having one of those moments right now.

Let me say this slowly for you – SPAGHETTI. GRILLED. CHEESE. 

I spent this past weekend in Huntington Beach & I’ve been wanting to go check out Pacific City for awhile. It’s a new outdoor shopping experience with a great restaurant selection right across the way from the sand. They’ve recently opened Lot 579, similar to a food court but with a similar concept to the Packing House, Union Market, etc. Meaning, it’s the trendiest of restaurants all under one roof with dessert staples like PopBar and Hans’ Homemade Ice Cream.IMG_1103

After poking around on Yelp a bit, I came across Burnt Crumbs. Knowing that it was related to Burntzilla, I couldn’t pass it up. Located in the back corner, it was by far the place with the most customers. My boyfriend and I decided to split the Spaghetti Grilled Cheese after he had seen a photo of it on Instagram. This was not a mistake.

It’s cheesy, it’s melty, and it’s carb-y times two. For goodness sake there’s a whole serving of pasta inside! Also, props to them because not that it would have mattered, but that pasta was ON POINT. The meat sauce was delicious, I’d have it as a side if that was an option.


I can’t wait to go back. Their avocado toast with ricotta & fried chicken biscuit is on my radar! Honestly, I’m just going to shut up now because the photo speaks for itself.


The Big Cheese

Literally. Thanks to Del Taco!

If you haven’t heard, Del Taco has spruced up their tacos that everyone knows and secretly loves. Now called, The Del Taco, these new tacos are meatier and cheesier! They were nice enough to bring some of their new tacos to the OC Weekly offices during lunch time last week.

In honor of this promotion, they also delivered a 40 lb. edible work of art. WOW. IS THIS REAL LIFE?


As I chose a taco (or three) out of the brown paper bags, you could immediately tell it’s a little on the heartier side. There’s more freshly grated cheddar cheese, more beef (or turkey, which I LOVE) and they’re crunchier!

Of course, you get the tomatoes and lettuce per usual. And let’s not forget about doubling up on Del Inferno sauce.

If this post made you hungry, and you have $1.39 then I’ll meet you at the drive-thru.


Hi Friends!

Welcome to my blog. Let’s just say it’s been a long time comin’.
As a self-proclaimed foodie based in OC, I figured it was time to get my thoughts out there. I’m here to give you the 411 on trending spots, concepts and if I think the hype is real or not.
You can’t help where you came from, and growing up Filipino, food has always been a factor when gathering with family and friends. I’m not saying that I have elite tastebuds, but over the years I’ve developed a palate that I think you can trust.
Let’s get started 🙂